If you’re looking to learn about DIY hardware and electronics, you probably want some good reading material.  We’ve collected some of our favorite links that cover how-to, reference material, project ideas, and more.  Check them out below.


While you’re here, make sure to check out our Tutorials section.  It has great content on DIY electronics projects and is growing all the time.

Instructables is a huge resource for hardware tutorials.  Try their Arduino and Microcontroller channels, or just branch out into the entire Technology category.  Quality varies widely but the site wins on sheer numbers alone.  You can find plenty of gems and at least a starting point for almost anything you want to do.

Sparkfun’s tutorial series has tons of excellent content, from buying guides for different types of electronics products, to beginner soldering, to advanced topics like designing your own PCBs.


Open Circuits is a a wiki for sharing open source electronics knowledge, schematics, board layouts, ports and parts libraries. You can check out their existing material, or build on it by submitting your descriptions, projects, instructions, techniques, board layouts, PCB footprints, and other documentation.

Dangerous Prototypes is a site we love that caters to the more serious hacker.  If you’re ready to move beyond Arduino and into dedicated microchips and more complicated projects, they’ve got the open source tools to make it happen.  They release a new open source hardware project once per month.

“The World Famous Index of Arduino and Freeduino Knowledge” is a gigantic list of Arduino-compatible resources, organized alphabetically by topic.  If you’re looking for a tutorial on how to use a certain shield or part, do a search on this page.  The site hasn’t been updated since mid-2010 so you might find a few dead links, but much of the collected information is still valid.


Hackaday posts awesome hardware hacks from around the web, covering all sorts of categories.  If you’re not sure what project to tackle next, or need ideas to solve a particular problem, browse their categories to see some amazing work.

Hacked Gadgets is a venerable site that’s been supporting the community for a long time.  They feature a healthy amount of interesting projects and have a forum for electronics and hacking discussion.

43oh is a site dedicated to Texas Instruments’ MSP430 series of low-power microcontrollers. They publish news, articles, and tutorials, and have a thriving forum community.

Also check out our Projects category.  We love to showcase great DIY initiatives, and we try to find things that many people haven’t seen before.

For more information on specific technologies, take a look at our AVR and Arduino resources pages.

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