Recreate fancy OnStar commercials with nothing but tenacity and a $10 cell phone

Car remote start system using a pre-paid cell phone for long-range activation.

Building on our theme of cellular hackery, Dave has a three part series on his blog dedicated to the creation of a remote start system for his car. What’s the catch, you say? Oh, no catch, no catch at all… except that he wired his remote start to work via cellphone input, so he can give his whip a call before he leaves work and climb into a warm car immediately upon arrival at the parking lot.

Considering he purchased the cell phone in question for $10 from a drug store and spent $71 in total on parts, we think this is a pretty solid hack. If you’ve ever researched remote start for your own car, you know that adding equivalent functionality usually requires an iPhone and about $500 burning a hole in your pocket.

We always get a kick out of using cell phones to do creative things, especially when they’re the non-smartphone variety. What other projects have you readers dreamed up with your spare texts or data plans?

Check out the project here.

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