Extreme AVR power savings – the quest continues

At Engblaze, we’re somewhat obsessed with squeezing every possible bit of performance out of our circuits.  Ok, really obsessed.  Like beyond Facebook-stalking and into restraining-order-territory obsessed.  To that end, we consider it our duty to bring news of other intrepid performance squeezing pioneers in the DIY electronics world.

Jean-Claude Wippler of JeeLabs fame is a kindred spirit in this quest, and has an entire category of posts dedicated to investigating battery life and low power consumption in various projects.  One notable post in particular demonstrates how he brought an ATMega used in the JeeNode from 9.80mA down to 17uA, and then a followup post outlines how to get consumption down to 6.8uA or even 3.7uA if you get really extreme.  Forget 15% on your car insurance, that’s some serious savings.

Check them out here if you want to join our noble quest:

If those posts interest you, take a look at the entire “Low Power” category on the JeeLabs blog. It’s full of further useful information and test results using low-power devices.

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