Evil PCB Christmas tree ornament talks smack, sabotages other ornaments

DIY Christmas tree ornament PCB

Dave has created a Christmas monster and one of the most complex and creative DIY ornaments we’ve seen. He started with a Christmas tree drawing, converted it to a PCB, and designed in 15 RGB LEDs to provide twinkling multicolored cheer during the holiday season.

“So what”, you say.  “Let me search Instructables for you and hand you a list of 1,000 other DIY electronic decorations. Stupid EngBlaze”.

Not so fast, folks.

This is no DIY blinking ornament. It’s an evil DIY blinking ornament. Dave also added a large speaker, a shaker motor, an accelerometer and an SD card reader, all controlled by a PIC 18F27J53 microcontroller. His plan is to record Christmas greetings such as “Eat me, Santa!”, and use the motor to shake the ornament. He says he’ll trigger these actions when someone moves the tree or touches the ornament, and he hopes it will be able to actually dislodge itself and potentially knock down other ornaments with its wild thrashing. Can’t you just hear the glee in his voice?

We think the idea of innocuous holiday decorations doing unexpected things is pretty awesome. There’s no end to the fun you could have with this, from scaring your significant other to watching the faces of your extended family as your tree insults them on Christmas morning. All in good cheer, of course.

The project isn’t done yet, so if Dave finishes by Christmas, we will eagerly keep our eyes peeled for updates. He also mentions he used a company called ITead to get 13 boards fabricated for $25USD, which is a great price for such a complex board.

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