Why EngBlaze wants to empower you with technology

In 1775 James Watt patented the modern steam engine, after making numerous improvements on the Newcomen design of 1712.  Watt (and later Matthew Boulton) went on to transform mechanical work, since tasks that previously could only be accomplished by men and horses could now be performed tirelessly and with precision.

The original hardware hacking

Watt worked on his original engine for over 10 years before coming up with a production design, experimenting and making incremental improvements along the way.  This hands-on design process has been lost in today’s world of modern devices – most of the products we rely on every day are complete black boxes to us.  We have no idea how they work.  They aren’t designed to be worked on, or disassembled; if they break, we replace them.  Even automobiles, once the playground of hobbyists and the mechanically-inclined, are now off-limits to most.  If you don’t have a degree in computer or electrical engineering, you’re no longer qualified to do much more than changing the oil and rotating your tires.

Open source electronics provide open-ended possibilities

EngBlaze is about changing that mentality – returning power to the everyday user, the hobbyist, and the merely curious.  Technology can take away freedom by being complicated and obscure, but can also give freedom by putting powerful tools in the hands of the masses.  With today’s low cost microcontrollers, anyone can prototype and modify complex devices.  Do you want to automate your home HVAC system or appliances? Do it for only a few dollars.  Maybe you want to build an intelligent autonomous robot?  Go ahead, without any complex parts or manufacturing.

All of these resources exist, and have been explored in-depth by other enthusiasts around the world.  EngBlaze aims to collect and highlight the most valuable information about hardware development on the web, so you can find what you need quickly and easily.

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